About Us – Karnali Network Services

KNS is located at the center of Jumla situated at Bijayanagar, Chandannath 08, Jumla has 1200 square feet of space. The high tech office of KNS is managed by the highly skilled and experienced team of globally certified experts with prior proven expertise at global IT companies. We serve a variety of market sectors and industries with offerings that range from IT services, IT infrastructure design to project management of complex IT initiative in Jumla.

We believe in adding values to rural life by making technology to their reach and make them understand the importance of technology and how technology can better livings. We work in various sector like Health, Education, Law & Enforcement, Governance etc. to implement IT. Operating in the enormously growing IT dynamic environment that is characterized by aggressive competition, sophisticated business processes and massive number of business rules and operations is a challenge. Facing such a challenge depends on innovative and competitive technological solutions that are specifically tailored to the Information Technology’s complicated needs and business nature.

KNS has been established to provide such technological solutions with a broad wide vision to be a leading IT Company, providing High Quality State-of-the-Art technology to Local, Regional and Global Market. Moving to the future, KNS remains committed to provide IT-Leading products and Services to maximize organizations’ performance and Optimize IT resources. It also extends to create an atmosphere of satisfaction to ensure long-term success for our company and employees through the continuous improvement and our commitment to excellence, integrity and Teamwork.