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Why KNS?

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Karnali Network Services (KNS) established in 2015 is one of its first kind to start working on Technology sector in rural area of Karnali. KNS intend to introduce Karnali to global digital market by implementing information communication technology services like introducing high speed internet facilities, opening local IT hardware store, launching different IT related program as educational purposes, digitizing local and government bodies, improvising local business to digital form so that local resources are available for trading from different part of country and so on.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of globally certified experts with prior proven expertise at global IT companies will ensure to deliver quality service.

Why we came for Karnali

The idea behind establishing Karnali Network Services (KNS) to offer technology services in rural sector especially in Karnali region is inspired from group of individuals whose origin is basically from Karnali. We intend to apply knowledge and experience that we gained over the past decade in technology sector in our own home town because we believe this is the information era and our region is struggling to adapt technology in compare to major cities in Nepal.

As city populations swell, rural communities will get left behind unless there are improvements in infrastructure, connectivity and resilience.. Globally, more of us now live in cities than in rural areas. If we want to live more sustainably, we will have to do so surrounded by concrete rather than fields and woodland.

Not so idyllic perhaps, but it makes sense — cities high population density relative to their geographical footprint makes for more efficient use of land, product distribution, employment, travel, technology deployment — the list goes on.

Internet Service in Karnali

KNS most popular plans

Our Services

Optical Fiber Internet Service

For the first time in Jumla, Karnali Network Services introduces the blazing fast high speed fiber internet. Now do more, do faster in less time.

IT Infrastructure Support & Maintenance

Remember your locally owned Technology company for all scale IT Infrastructure Support & Maintenance at a flat rate fee with guaranteed after support.

Network Design & System Setup

Contact us to design your Network and System Setup from our globally certified IT professionals.

Web design & Software Development

We help you design, develop and implement Billing System, School management system, Websites, Logos and any other software developments as per your requirement.

IT Professional Training & Seminars

We provide training from basic office package to advanced IT training that are recognized globally.

Our Approach

Research, Design and Consultation

Our expert consultant will help you design your IT project that is specifically tailored for your need. We understand that each client is different and so are their requirements that is why we strongly believe in thorough research to design projects tailored for each client’s specific need.

Schematic Planning and Implementation

Thorough research help us plan and then take action to implement any project. In any process of planning, there are necessary steps to take in order to succeed. Our strategic planning help set goals, decide what actions need to be taken to complete those achievable goals.

Guaranteed After Support

We not only help you design and execute your IT project, we also make sure that your system runs in perfect health by providing guaranteed after support. We maximize your return of investment by keeping your system up and running so that you can take maximum benefit from your system.

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